Why Do People Change Genders? (with Roman Fitzgerald)

Why Do People Change Genders? (with Roman Fitzgerald)

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Why Do People Change Genders? (with Roman Fitzgerald)

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In this episode, we explore, “Why do people change genders?” It’s another serious one, but we’re joined with the amazing Roman Fitzgerald, who is in the final stages of female-to-male gender reassignment. We learn about hormone treatments, surgery, and the reactions from society from the perspective of the community. Or at least, Roman’s perspective.

UPDATE: After posting this episode we were informed that some people might find the phrase “change genders” offensive. Had we known this, we would have used different language. We’re still learning and appreciate the feedback.

Every week on Stranger Still, we take the questions you’ve never questioned to ask and try to answer them. We want to make you laugh and teach you something interesting at the same time. So join us every Wednesday for another fun filled learn!

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2 thoughts on “Why Do People Change Genders? (with Roman Fitzgerald)

    1. Hey Caris! Its really a personal thing to that person, but since Roman identifies as male and has always felt that way, there really was no changing. I guess the most inclusive way to describe a transition would be “now identifies as male” or “now identifies as female” and so on, but this would be best for a person whos part of the LGBTQ community as im a straight guy. Thank you for asking! – Jon

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