Nick and Jon go Ghost Hunting!

Nick and Jon go Ghost Hunting!

Stranger Still
Nick and Jon go Ghost Hunting!

In this episode, Nick and Jon go ghost hunting. Like, bona fide ghost hunting. With expert ghost hunters. It’s the Octobermonth Finale! What better way to send it off than to do a ghost hunting adventure at the Granger House in Marion, Iowa to find out if it’s really haunted. We met a lot of great people and had an amazing experience. The question remains, how will these two dopey skeptics react to the real deal? Happy Halloween, everyone!

Every week on Stranger Still, we take the questions you’ve never questioned to ask and try to answer them. We want to make you laugh and teach you something interesting at the same time. So join us every Wednesday for another fun filled learn!

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2 thoughts on “Nick and Jon go Ghost Hunting!

  1. I think even a ghost possessed Nick will have some terrible dad joke about hating to have to go outside and Exorcise ?- Jon

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