The Illegal History of Tea Room Fortune Telling

The Illegal History of Tea Room Fortune Telling

Stranger Still
Stranger Still
The Illegal History of Tea Room Fortune Telling


Tea Rooms! Police Raids! NEW YAWK CITY! This week Nick had some personal matters to attend to, so I (Jon) gave my best shot at a solo episode. Its a little shorter than usual but the Atlas Obscura article it was based on was fascinating and I dressed it up with a score throughout.

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Atlas Obscura – The Psychic Tea Rooms of 1930s New York Didn’t Predict All the Police Raids Tea parlors were the battleground in a war against fortune telling. BY ANNE EWBANK

Greenwich Village, 1920-1930: A Comment on American Civilization in the Post-War Years By Caroline Farrar Ware

Boston Tea Party Ship – Telling Your Fortune in a Teacup

Restauranting Through History – Reading the tea leaves

New York Times 8/12/1931 – TEA ROOM PROPHETS FEEL POLICE ACTION; Wave of Melancholia Among Women Extends Soothsaying Drive–Waitress Arrested. Caddy Says Cyril Walker Hit Him. – A 79-year old book on Greenwich Village still a valuable resource

IN A LITTLE GYPSY TEA ROOM Louis Prima and His NEW Orleans Gang Vocal Chorus by Louis Prima Lucky(Columbia JPN)

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