Episode 9: The Magilla Gorilla Show

Episode 9: The Magilla Gorilla Show

Oops, we get political. Watch out! Not so much political as it is just asking people to chill a bit. We try to stay middle of the road, but I’m sure some won’t see it that way. ANYWHOOOO Enjoy this “ideal” cartoon. Magilla Gorilla is really “ideal” if you get our hint. Please buy Ideal Toys’ toys. We totally aren’t sponsored by Ideal Toys®. Oh, we talk about other stuff as well…

Limited Cel is a brand new podcast where two generations of cartoon watchers sit down and watch ever series their favorite cartoon producers ever made. Join Nick (the son) and Mike (the dad) Wood as they watch, catalog, and review some of the best and the worst Hanna-Barbera has to offer.

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