Can Someone Explain the Mandela Effect, Please?

Can Someone Explain the Mandela Effect, Please?

Stranger Still
Can Someone Explain the Mandela Effect, Please?

In this episode, we answer the question, “Can someone explain the Mandela Effect, please?.” Everything you know about your childhood is a lie. At least, that’s what some people on the internet believe. Do you remember the Berenstain Bears or the Berenstein Bears? What about the Looney Tunes or the Looney Toons? We’re going get to the bottom of it, and figure out why so many people don’t remember things correctly. Join us in learning about collective false memories and laughing along the way!

Every week on Stranger Still, we take the questions you’ve never questioned to ask and try to answer them. We want to make you laugh and teach you something interesting at the same time. So join us every Wednesday for another fun filled learn!

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