Can I Make My Panic Attacks Go Away?

Can I Make My Panic Attacks Go Away?

Stranger Still
Can I Make My Panic Attacks Go Away?

In this episode, we explore, “Can I make my panic attacks go away?” Panic attacks are frightening. Seemingly out of no where, you might feel an unfounded fear. You might start sweating or feel like you’re going crazy. Hell, it might even cause enough pain you think you’re having a heart attack. But to the jerks who say, “Chill out, quit over reacting,” it isn’t that easy. Maybe two idiots on the internet can help you manage your panic attacks though. Will we be able to accidentally help some people out there? Join us finding out and laughing along the way!

Every week on Stranger Still, we take the questions you’ve never questioned to ask and try to answer them. We want to make you laugh and teach you something interesting at the same time. So join us every Wednesday for another fun filled learn!

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